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What Makes Celebrity Porn GIFS Go Viral?

Have you ever wondered why celebrity sex pictures or porn GIFS go viral so quickly? In an instant, any nude pics of the rich and famous can end up online and in millions of sites. But it wasn’t always like this. The truth is that times have changed for celebrities these days. A few decades ago, whenever a celebrity wanted to do any type of nudity, they would do so in a mainstream film. Other celebs would pose for magazines such as Playboy or Hustler.


Those days have long gone since the use of the internet, mobile devices and social media has exploded. Many celebrities are now taking their own sex pictures or nude selfies and posting them online. These famous people have no problem showing off their hot bodies and sharing them with their fan base and followers. Still, there are also many celebrities whose sex pics and porn GIFS images have gone viral through no fault of their own. Those celebrities have been victims of hackers, revenge or paparazzi. Their private sex pictures, porn GIFS or sex tapes were leaked to the internet by others.

No matter how the sex pics, celebrity sex tapes or porn GIFS images made it online, the results are the same. In most cases, the sex pictures or nude selfies of these famous people quickly become an instant sensation online. Within a few days, an animated porn GIF or sex picture can reach millions worldwide. Users begin to share and send the files to others via social media sites. This leads to the sex pics taking on even more online virality and exposure.

Another factor to take into consideration as to why celebrity sex pics or porn GIF images go viral is because of the celebs themselves. You can find nude pics of any man or woman online at any time. There are infinite amounts of hot and sexy images of beautiful models on the internet. In addition, there is no shortage of pornography material containing sexy and hot models. But, these are regular people who are not celebrities. It is not the same thing to see a regular person nude and watching a famous person naked. That is why actresses and actors are given so much money to take their clothes off in front of the camera. This is the same reason why so many celebrities these days are so keen on posting nude selfies and sex pics of themselves online. Celebs know that fans want to see them in hot and sexy images or videos. They also know that any of these sex pics or porn GIFS on http://www.cincyboycott.org/  they release can turn them into even bigger stars. Or can help keep their names in the spotlight.

Case in point is the queen of selfies and social media, Kim Kardashian. Kim has made millions out of her leaked celebrity sex tape. However, KK was not as famous before the sex video of her and her then boyfriend Ray J was made public. Although the tape was leaked online by her ex, Kim has reaped the benefits. In fact, she has made more than 100 million since then. Plus, her family members have all become more famous than ever before. They have also all become wealthier than ever.

Another star who became a celebrity overnight due to her sex tape being leaked is Paris Hilton. She was hardly known to most people before the release of her sex tape online. Once the tape was turned into porn GIFS images and sex pics, the results were instant fame for Paris. In a flash she became a household name and her name reached superstar celebrity status.