Celebrities With Leaked Sex Tapes

The list of names of celebrities who have had their sex tapes leaked to the public is quite big. There are also some celebrities who leaked the sex tapes themselves. The reason as to why they did it or why someone else did it to them, are many. Some celebrities who leaked their own sex tapes did it to regain the fame they once had. Others did it for fame and money.


Those celebrities whose sex tapes were leaked by someone else are in the bigger numbers. They had either an ex partner, disgruntled friend, hacker or photographer, release the tapes. When it comes to leaked celebrity sex tapes, the most famous and popular is Paris Hilton. She can be given credit for actually starting it all. While she did not release the sex tape herself, it made her an instant star. The same thing happened to reality TV star Kim Kardashian. Her leaked celebrity sex tape turned her into the internet sensation she is today. Kim has made millions from that leaked tape. There are also millions of porn GIFS and sex pics which came out of that celebrity sex tape.

The woman known as “Octomom” was famous for delivering 8 babies. However, she made a sex tape which made her quite a bit of money. Former star from the show Teen Mom Farrah Abraham provided a sex tape she filmed with James Deen. The reality TV star tried to play it off as if the sex tape was a private movie. Another celebrity with a leaked sex tape is actress Minka Kelly. Believe it or not, Jennifer Lopez made a hot and wild sex tape with her ex-husband. But, due to her legal team’s power, the sex tape has not made it to the public.


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